Reno Startup Row refers to the city of Reno on First Street between Virginia Street and Washington Street. Many startups are working away along this street, so this site and its coordinating signs have been developed to let the community know what businesses are in the area.

By the way…

There are many more startups in the area that don’t exist on First Street. These startups are listed under the “Community” tab. All of these businesses are evidence of a fast growing entrepreneurial scene in the Reno / Tahoe area.

First Street

Virginia Street

80 W First Street, Suite A


inqiri operates the premier online collaborative decision-making platform. Our patent-pending technology combines the power of collective intelligence with a multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) methodology. The inqiri solution provides organizations with a structured, objective, rational technique for improving decisions. Founded in 2012, inqiri develops advanced business intelligence solutions designed to enhance business outcomes.
80 W First Street, Suite B

Crazy Tooth Studio


Sierra Street

West Street

Arlington Street

Reno Collective

Dunce, LLC

Dunce, LLC is college planning that’s clever! Founded in 2013, we help high school students determine their paths after graduation, and provide resources and guidance to help them achieve their goals. Dunce prides itself in challenging our clients to think outside the box when it comes to their goals after high school, as well as develop an entrepreneurial mindset when it comes to life and learning.
Reno Collective

EasyKeeper Herd Manager

EasyKeeper is a livestock records management system that transforms the way local and smallholder livestock producers do business.
Reno Collective


ustyme turns screen time into "us-time" as the first platform for content centered interaction; bridging the gaps in our time together with video calls intertwined with quality content like books, games and more to create a rich social experience.
Reno Collective is a locally owned and operated business that provides personal and powerful hosting services at an affordable price. specializes in web, e-mail, and DNS hosting for individuals, non-profits, and small businesses, and offers hands-on, face-to-face service in your home, in your office, or wherever you do business.
100 N Arlington Ave, Suite 105


Pinoccio is a complete ecosystem for the Internet of Things. When we say "complete ecosystem" we mean that it is both hardware and software, built together with the goal of helping you create a web-enabled DIY project as quickly and as easily as possible. On the hardware side, Pinoccio is a wireless, web-ready microcontroller with WiFi, LiPo battery, and built-in radio. It’s also an API to get your board talking to the Web right out of the box.

Stevenson Street

Ralston Street

Bell Street

Washington Street

140 Washington Street, Suite LL-80


TrainerRoad provides indoor-cycling software to cyclists and triathletes with the goal of making them faster on the bike. TrainerRoad records athletes’ workouts and displays live data such as power output, cadence, and heart rate.


Not everything happens on Startup Row! We love our startup neighbors located throughout the Reno-Sparks community.


200 South Virginia Street


A better way to find and hire a great design or marketing company. Our web platform helps business owners and marketers to save time, maintain their budget and always hire the right company.


ArmaTerra® converts waste tires into building materials. ArmaTerra® makes georeinforcing elements for reinforcing soils behind retaining walls of all types and for reinforcing earthen slopes and levees. Current products are made from polymers or steel. Made from recycled waste tires, ArmaTerra's GeoTire® products make two industries greener. GeoTire® is the only environmentally friendly earth reinforcing product on the market.
250 Bell Street

Black Rock Solar

Nonprofit Black Rock Solar promotes environmental stewardship, economic development and energy independence by providing nonprofits, tribes, schools and underserved communities with access to clean energy. By installing solar at low or no cost, Black Rock Solar puts much needed funds directly into the hands of those helping their communities.
250 Chism St #C2


BootRoxx are far more than a fashionable accessory; they’re an attitude, an expression, a statement. Born and made in North America, these bold boot covers stir things up for your cherished go-to boots. Every pair of BootRoxx creates new adventurous options for your wardrobe … regardless of who you plan on being tonight.


CampusCribz offers the latest features when it comes to searching and listing off-campus housing. We are reimagining the rental process to make it seamless for both property listers and student-tenants.


CVirtual® is a full-service executive recruitment and placement firm specializing in video interviews to help companies hire faster and smarter the first time.
690 W. 2nd. St.


EFAST is a personal training / personal coaching studio geared towards endurance athletes. An endurance athlete is someone who wants to finish their first 5K, participate in their first triathlon, or compete at the highest level in swimming, cycling, running, and/or triathlon events. EFAST offers Circuit (strength training classes), a Run Team, personal training, and online coaching.

Peep No More

Peep No More is the first and only hands-free and automatic occupancy sign for public restroom stalls. It is inexpensive, maintenance-free, durable, and can easily be installed on all exiting stalls.


PeerIn is a healthcare technology company with the mission of changing how we pay for healthcare. The market for healthcare services today is opaque and convoluted by third party payers who negotiate global contracts for services looking at aggregated datasets based on prior history of services rendered. This is not a real marketplace where consumers can have power to influence costs and quality based on their demand for services. PeerIn’s mission is to expose the healthcare prices to the marketplace thereby creating a free market economy for healthcare in the United States of America.


The Practickle experience is for parents, educators and caregivers of Preschool and Kindergartners who want to bring a fun new way of reading enrichment into their home. Each month you will receive four professional book recommendations with three simple to follow Practickle reading guides for each book. These guides walk through three different interactive readings to build foundational reading comprehension skills. Strong readers become lifelong learners and are the future of our community.
250 Bell Street

Root Technology

Root Technology focuses on the most overlooked aspect of your company's IT Network: "SECURITY". We are your trusted partner with secure assessments, design, configuration, operation, and managing your secure technology solutions to customers where protection of sensitive business information, and your client's data is key to your success. We want to help you and your business prepare for HIPAA, HiTech & PCI Compliant!
465 Court Street


SO&SO Co LLC is a manuscript to marketplace service provider for editors, publishers, authors and graphic designers. SO&SO provides conversion of your manuscript into print, PDF (ARC), epub and mobi eBook files from a single source. We produce validated eBooks in both .epub and .mobi formats. In addition to delivering full service packages to authors, SO&SO converts backlist print publications to eBook for publishers and institutions.
201 W. Liberty St. STE LL-1


Shortstack helps companies create custom apps for Facebook Pages, websites & mobile.

Vintage Dancer connects shoppers to vintage inspired clothing and costumes online. When you have a themed event to attend such a Great Gatsby party, Downton Abbey tea, 1940’s Swing Dance, or 1950’s Sock Hop, is the place to go to to learn about how to dress up and where to shop for quality vintage style clothing for both women and men.


VizKinect is cutting edge biometrics & eye tracking analytics used in the media, research and medical fields. Media outlets use our analytics to produce more engaging media content. VizKinect offers a progressive solution for measuring viewer engagement. Using advanced biometric technology, proprietary eye tracking software and self-report methods, we measure and analyze how real consumers react to media content they watch… in real time! The results can be segmented by multiple demographic characteristics or by specific individuals, capturing unbiased reactions that traditional research is unable to do. The results provide deep insights that can lead to a competitive advantage, deeper brand connections, more engaged consumers, more compelling products, messages and media.
405 Marsh Ave. #201

Zero 8 Studios

Zero 8 Studios, based in Reno, Nevada, specializes in new and innovative game development and digital media solutions. Our experienced team maintains a focus on all aspects of interactive gaming, including PC, mobile, consoles, and casino slot machines.


In addition to all the hard working startups, there are a number of supporting organizations that aid in making companies a success.


100 N Arlington Ave, Suite 100

Reno Collective

Reno Collective is a community and collaborative workspace for developers, designers, freelancers, independents, entrepreneurs and startups.
5190 Neil Road, Suite 110


EDAWN is committed to supporting entrepreneurial ecosystem to help grow the jobs of the future in Northern Nevada. EDAWN acts as an ecosystem catalyst connecting entrepreneurs to resources and supporting programs and events that impact entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.
100 N Arlington Ave, Suite 105


Girlmade is a company whose sole mission is to "Help women play big." Girlmade is best known for it's 3-month accelerator program that equips high-growth startups with top-tier mentorship (from around the world), business skills, and opportunities to pitch to investors. We take teams from Idea > MVP > Product > Scale. Each team in the program has at least one female co-founder with equity stake.
545 E 4th Street

Northern Nevada Tool Library

We seek to be the tools and resources component to the burgeoning technology, art and DIY culture here in Northern Nevada. Research shows that providing a community with access to information improves community literacy and sustainability. We offer an accessible and affordable outlet for tools to inspire Northern Nevada's makers.
250 Bell Street

Nevada Venture Accelerator

Nevada Venture Accelerator is committed to accelerating clean, transformative technologies into the market through innovative, collaborative solutions. We recruit and engage market entry partners to closely align technology development with market needs.
UNR Ansari Business Building, Room 402

Ozmen Center for Entrepreneurship

The Ozmen Center for Entrepreneurship supports University of Nevada, Reno programs that develop entrepreneurial capacities and foster the creation of new business ventures. It strives to connect entrepreneurs and innovators to strengthen and foster entrepreneurship in Northern Nevada.

Are you a founder or member of a Reno-based startup located in Downtown or Midtown? Drop us a line and let us know about you. We want to share the love and show the world that Reno is a great place to start and grow a business.